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Bike share demo gets positive response

by Lauren Dickey | Aug 06, 2015
Bike Share 2015
By Emma Breysse Jackson Hole Daily | Posted: Thursday, August 6, 2015 4:30 am

A bikeshare demonstration program that ended Tuesday was supported by cycling citizens, Friends of Pathways announced Wednesday. During the experiment, from July 15 to Aug. 5, 350 people used the 25 bikes that were available at the Home Ranch parking lot, Pearl Street Bagels, Albertsons, at Snow King and other places.
According to Friends of Pathways, riders logged 1,983 miles around town on 816 trips. Pathwaysestimated the program saved $1,517 worth of gas and cut carbon emissions by 2,307 pounds. “While data is still being collected, initial results indicate participants found Bike Share simple, fast and convenient, utilizing the bikes to take short trips all around town to run errands, commute to work and avoid parking downtown,” according to Pathways.

Friends of Pathways ran the demonstration to determine whether Jackson residents would use a bike share if they had the opportunity. The program involved downloading a bikeshare app and going to one of the bikeshare hubs.

The demo program was free, but there would be a charge if bike sharing becomes a permanent option in Jackson. The announcement Wednesday also asked people, whether they used the bike share demonstration or not, to complete a short survey giving their opinions about a bikeshare program.

The survey was included in the announcement, but is not available on the Friends of Pathways website. Survey takers were asked a series of questions, including one about costs. “If Jackson had a permanent bikeshare system during the warmer months that allowed rides for $7 for 24 hours, $18 for three days and $65 for a year, would you join?” Pathways asked.

The bikeshare demonstration was launched after a 2011 survey identified bike sharing as likely to be accepted by the public as part of efforts to encourage bike riding in Jackson.
Since then the town and Friends of Pathways have improved bike lanes, added signs to bike routes and improved access to START buses. Jackson and Teton County officials have promoted bikes as a way to cut local traffic congestion
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